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“My child's reading has tremendously improved since Rebbe Lubelsky agreed to take him under his wings! My child's fluency and accuracy have been completely transformed, and he now actually enjoys reading! This is nothing less than a miracle as he couldn't stand opening any type of book! I will never forget the messages requesting my son's full Hebrew name to daven for him as he does for his own children.” From grateful parents, J.S.

“The care and love for each one of his students, treating them like their his own child to help them reach their potential.
The feedback he gives after the lessons, never in rush to answer my questions.”

“Very focused on the child's success, tailoring the methods used to bring out the best in each child.”

“The fact that I saw amazing results which gave my son all the confidence he needed. Rebbe Lubelsky was also very caring and professional throughout the time they learnt together and after. A great success!”

“Rebbi Lubelsky kept a comprehensive record of how our son was progressing & the lessons were conducted in our home. Our son enjoyed the lessons and B'H reads much more fluently.”

"All round success"

“B''H, our child's reading skills have improved tremendously. Another benefit for us was that the lessons took place in our home. amazing how he helped our son to read fluently”

“My son has learnt to read properly and gained lots of confidence”

“Avrumi enjoyed his sessions immensely, and the results are obvious”

“Dedication, tracking of progress and always trying to find a better approach”

“We want to say a big thank you for teaching our dear Yitzi נ''י. We have really seen a big change in the fluency in reading. Yitzi also feels more confident in his skills. The other day I was doing kriah with my 8-year-old, and Yitzi wanted to do it with him as he was so confident with the rules!!
We know how much patience teaching kriah is and how much encouragement is needed to keep the child focused. We are very grateful for your hard work and effort.
May הקב''ה repay you with much ברכה והצלחה to continue your עבודת הקודש.
With much appreciation”

I believe the results I saw with R' Lubelsky were unbelievable.
I basically gave up on my son's reading to an extent. And then I was suggested that R' Lubelsky tries with him, which I was somewhat despondent, but I thought I would give it a try.
Within a very limited time, I could see a massive improvement in his reading and self-confidence. More importantly, he loved learning with R' Lubelsky. He has such a warm heart, and I found him easy and accessible whenever I needed to speak to him.
I would advise anyone and everyone to use R' Lubelsky because the skills and results you will receive are just not to be believed.”
A forever grateful father.

“Constant updates on progress”


“When our son started learning with you, his standard was extremely low.
He progressed to the level that when he said a posuk of the “Atah Horeisah” at the עמוד on Simchas Torah, it was loud, confident, accurate...and with the right niggun!
On a personal note: I was very touched that you came to his Bar-mitzva leining and it really showed me that you really have a love for your talmidim.
Kudos to R’ Lubelsky and tizku l’mitzvos!!!!”


“צו די טייערע מומחה לעניני קריאה רבי יצחק הי"ו

דיין ארבעט איז צו באוואנדערן, דיין געשמאק וואס די לייגסט אריין אין די קינדר וואס מוטשערן זיך שוין אזוי לאנג אין קריאה, אין קומען נישט ווייטער, אין די ברענגסט זיי מאטאוואציע צו האבן חשק צו פראבירן מצליח זיין אין קריאה, מיט געוואלדיגע געשמאקע וועגן וואס די קינדר האבן הנאה מיט צו מאכן.

אין ב"ה די האסט מצליח געווען מיט מיין זוהן אין די האסט איהם געקענט אסאך ווייטער העלפען.

יישר כח גדול - והצלחה עם כל התלמידים היקרים”



“This is really amazing. Thank you for your professionalism and the way you have helped Ari and given him a gift for life. It’s clear to see he has improved in this area and I see when I watch him daven. Best wishes and thanks” Rabbi J.


“My son's reading progressed so well, the teaching was amazing and made a huge difference to him settling into secondary school. Thank you so much.”


“From the first phone call with Rebbe Lubelsky until the final conversation almost a year later after my son graduated from his programme, we experienced outstanding service.  Rebbe Lubelsky was extremely professional and yet so helpful and supportive to us as parents and his interactions with our son were very impressive.  He gently and kindly brought our son on board to the programme in a highly skilled fashion and was able to keep him engaged over weekly sessions for almost a year where our son progressed in kriah enormously.  Our community is so blessed to have Rebbe Lubelsky’s programme available and I wish all children who have any need for support in kriah to have the great opportunity to be taught by this incredible Rebbe.”


“Very open about everything. Very helpfull and "iber gegeben".”


"A beautiful מהלך with clear instructions."
Dovid Newman


"I liked the general tips and tricks you gave throughout the course. the course is clear stage by stage. Explained with patience."
Hillel Roberts


"The course was given with a נעימות and with patience. And the handouts make it so much easier as one can always refer back to."
Chaim Grunner


"Very much full of תוכן. A very clear understanding of what קריאה is all about. All round. I also really enjoyed the last session where you explained the new method of teaching fluency!"
C. G.


"All was very clear and well put down. It was really interesting."
M.T. Koppel


"Very interesting and informative. This course really outlined and explained in detail the steps to קריאה guiding teachers at every step! I would definitely recommend it."


"The material was very clear and well presented. Oral explanations were animated and understandable, including real-life examples and practical applications. I really
enjoyed the sessions on how to teach נקודות, blending and splitting. (How to break things down and start from easy to hard)."


"You've given me a much deeper understanding of the subject that I thought I already knew!"


"Very clear guidance on how to structure the קריאה teaching, what to expect and how to deal with it."


"The course, besides being informative, gave useful tips to encourage positive reading experiences. By allowing the child to catch you out when an adult is reading wrong, the child will feel like he knows better. He’ll also want to read when he isn’t being tested but is just shown the correct way to read. E.g., using flash cards next session after the child struggles to read correctly. Start the session with something the child already knows, then move on to a new letter/word. Mr Lubelsky also put us into the child's shoes by showing us the picture of the cow… which we had to work out what it was. And reading with the letters spaced out… gave us a real feeling of what a child goes through. So help them read fluently as soon as they can, in order to get the flow of the words and to make sense of sentence."
Mrs. Marks


"You made me aware of the importance of getting kriah right, and you gave me lots of good tools to help me correct my son’s mistakes in a logical way that works be”H. Thank you very much, and Hazlocho rabo."
Mr. Pines


"I enjoyed it very much. All info was very well and clearly presented! I liked how you were very neutral, not trying to sell any mehalech. As a teacher myself, I liked how you kept it simple and
factual. Thank you! Much further hatzlocho."
Mrs. Grossberger


"Thank you very much for your fantastic presentation. Your explanation and demonstration of why and how children struggle was eye-opening for me. You helped me feel how they may feel. This, in turn, helped me understand how effective your wonderful methods and techniques could be for children struggling with reading. I have since implemented some of your ideas, and B'H, they seem to be bearing good fruit. I am really grateful for your presentation and wish you lots of Hatzlocho in this endeavour. Regards,"
Shimmie Bengio


"It was amazing awareness for my children and also my students. I really enjoyed it. It was given over in a very clear, positive way. Thank you very much!"
Mr. Stern


"I thought the course information was very clear, with practical and hands-on examples that the audience could relate to. I also thought that you managed to give over to the audience your upbeat and easy-going mindset when working with the children. Thank you"
Mrs. Hill


"Many thanks for the presentation was very good, was presented so professionally."
Mrs. Ruttenberg

"Before I started lessons with Rebbe Lubelsky I found it hard to read quickly without mistakes, and then I started lessons with Rebbe Lubelsky, and it all changed. His lessons were fun; even when I couldn't be bothered to learn, I did it, and it was fun. 
Know I can learn and read lowderly without mistakes. It was really good and made a big difference:) "

"I can really see how much these lessons have helped me in my reading. Especially with such warm rebbes like Rebbe Lubelsky and Rebbe Litke! I can see how my confidence has shot up in all areas such as reading the גמרא in class and davening the עמוד I really enjoyed it! Thank you so much!!"


"I always enjoyed the lessons it may seem in the beginning that you not changing but sooner or later you will see a huge difference in speed and enjoyment for reading. 
He will give something at the end, whether it’s a toffee or chocolate it shows he cares. He is an amazing teacher "

"It may not sound like so fun to go to private lessons, but with rebbe Lubelsky it is really interesting, he makes his lessons fun and enjoyable, and you only gain from it!"


"I really enjoyed coming to rebbe Lubelsky and the benefit that I got is just unbelievable how it helped me and still now I am gaining from this program and he made it exciting to Learn!!! it's an ideal thing to do for anyone! Many thanks!!!"


"These lessons really help my fluency in reading, the lessons are a real Joy to take. These advancements took place very quickly since it is very easy to master with such a great Rebbe."


"Rebbe Lubelsky is an amazing, Kind, nice and Warm Rebbe. He knows his Stuff and knows how to teach it. Personally, he Changed my reading skills by Miles."


"I highly recommend R' Lubelsky I had difficulty in reading and after his lessons I had much improvement! due to his guided practice and teaching"


"Rebbe Lubelsky makes the lessons really interesting and fun and really helped me with my kriah."


"Before I started With Rabbi Lubelsky; I had been struggling to read Hebrew for many years. I started the enjoyable lessons and after a few months my reading had become a lot more fluent and accurate. I would definitely recommend it for someone who struggles with reading."


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