Is your child struggling to read?

Kriah difficulties are tough for any child to deal with; after all, fluent, natural reading is the basis of all learning.
We understand how important successful kriah is and have developed our own unique approach to helping kids achieve smooth fluency.
Korei Oneg has helped hundreds of kids and adolescents struggling to read achieve total fluency, increased confidence and automatic, accurate reading skills.

A different approach

Korei Oneg boasts a one-on-one specialised teaching method like no other. Based on 2 world-recognized intervention programs, this combination flips certain traditional beliefs on their head.

Most methods focus on accuracy and trust that fluency will develop naturally; we strongly believe that fluency should be taught separately. Most children are tired of revising rules over and over again; it feels degrading, and they don’t see enough progress. Hence, we put our primary focus on fluency and focus on improving accuracy and other rules as a side topic.

When a child gains fluency, he’s motivated to improve his accuracy as well. Eventually, the child is able to read at a whole new level: Relaxed, Fluent, and Accurate. At Korei Oneg, we firmly believe every child has the potential to succeed. We will never ask for a child’s background or label but rather use our own initiative to help each child according to age, concentration span, issue and specific needs.



We make a comprehesnsive assesment and discover the way your child works.


We carefully develop a personlised plan and start the learning process.

Revision and reinforcement

We’ll ensure your child has complete clarity and only move on once your child is perfectly fluent and confident.

Reassessment and report

It’s time to see your child’s success and be proud.

Good to go

Marvel at the results and watch your child thrive.

Why Korei Oneg

We set regular targets to monitor progress
We create detailed reports to help you track your child’s progress
We use a holistic approach, utilising multiple methods to get the desired result
You can join our classes over Zoom to get a clearer idea of how we teach and use our methods

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