Become a Kriah expert.

Learn the Korei Oneg method.
Help more children learn how to read.

Got what it takes to make a difference?
The kriah world needs you!

In the past 7 years, we’ve helped hundreds of struggling students achieve Kriah confidence, fluency and accuracy. But we can’t reach everyone. We need help.

That’s why we want to pass our hard-earned knowledge and expertise further so that more kids can be helped every single day.


Are you a Rebbe or Morah?

Our goal is to share our professional knowledge and outstanding success rates with others in the field.

Our special live video courses are designed to enable anyone teaching Kriah to use our unique methods and enjoy our unparalleled success rates for themselves.

Whether you’re a Rebbe, LSA or want to become a dedicated reading specialist, our comprehensive courses will give you the necessary knowledge, skills, and tool set you need to do a superb job.

What you will gain:

Learn to assess and solve any reading issue
Achieve incredible success rates as a Rebbe who teaches kriah
Bring out the maximum potential of every single child
Combine the holy work of teaching Kodesh with a steady income

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