No child left behind

Korei Oneg is passionate about ensuring no child is left out of life’s most crucial skill -successful, fluent reading. The Korei Oneg team visits these schools, teaching pupils on a one-to-one basis and is training rebbes to teach Kriah in a classroom setting.

We offer comprehensive training for private tutors, allowing them to become professional reading specialists, thus ensuring we can reach an ever-growing number of the children who need us most.

Recently, we’ve created a full video training package, so anyone looking to make a difference and steady income by entering the Kriah field can do so easily and from the comfort of their own home.


Small beginnings

When Rabbi Y Lubelsky accepted a rebbe position in 2015, he took a basic course by Rabbi D. Ungar to ensure he knew how to teach the fundamentals of kriah. What happened next was something he could never have predicted - and it was set to change the kriah scene forever.

Quickly Evolved

What started off as one man determined to make a difference quickly evolved into a fully functional training centre, a centralised reading program, specialised courses and multiple rebbes trained in the Korei Oneg method.

Further Training

Successful reading is the basis of successful learning, and, realizing he’d opened a Pandora’s box, and that so many needed his help, Rabbi Lubelsky travelled to Israel to study properly under internationally acclaimed kriah tutor, R’ Y.Y. Barsesky, which he supplemented with an advanced kriah course.

Own Curriculum

By 2017, he was running his own curriculum in a large primary school.

Teen Tutoring

During 2019, he began working with teens and trained a kriah experts team.

Machon Korei Oneg

Korei Oneg was tremendously successful at solving a wide range of problems, which led to the opening of its own Machon in 2019, which has since helped hundreds of children and teens of all ages in over 12 schools.

Trained by Rabbi Zobin

In 2020, Rabbi Lubelsky had been trained by the renowned Rabbi Zobin. He has since tutored more than 80 students. In addition, Korei Oneg has established two Kriah networks in which Kriah specialists and supervisors meet monthly to discuss and improve Kriah.

The Success Continues

Since 2021, Korei Oneg has been teaching over ZOOM and is currently teaching over 60 boys from all over Europe.

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„We have really seen a big change in the fluency of reading. Yitzi also feels more confident in his skills. The other day I was doing kriah with my 8-year-old and Yitzi wanted to do it with him as he was so confident with the rules!!
We know how much patience teaching kriah is and how much encouragement is needed to keep the child focused. We are very grateful for your hard work and effort.”

„My child’s reading has tremendously improved since Rebbe Lubelsky agreed to take him under his wings! My child’s fluency and accuracy has been completely transformed and he now actually enjoys reading! This is nothing less than a miracle as he couldn’t stand opening any type of book! I will never forget the messages requesting my son’s full Hebrew name to daven for him as he does for his own children. From grateful parents.”

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